Wednesday, December 12, 2012



These items all hold gift cards.

I made this stocking into a card that can hold a gift card.  The stocking is cut on the CTMH Art Philosopy Cricut Cartridge.  Since it was not intended to be a card, I simply folded my paper in half, then placed it on the mat in about 1/4" inside the outer line.  When you do this, the cutting knife will not cut the folded area.  I then cut the stocking, toe, heal, and top as indicated, then glued on top of the card.  The top will extend that 1/4" above the top of the card.  I then used a gel pen to make the stitching marks.  If you look at a previous post, you will see a similar post of a stocking from a unit card exchange.  that card was hand cut and I wanted something easier, so tried this method.

This cup card was made by making your card, then lining up your fold ( on bottom) in the 1/2" line on you cutter and the top of the card centered in the cutting track. Cut the angle, then repeat the other side by flipping your card over and doing the same.  This card top opens up and the card folds down revealing an inner pocket for a gift card. It closes with a velcro dot.

This is my most requested card holder.  The top of the hat folds up revealing the gift card.  It is hinged with a brad under the bow on the left.

Gift cards holders are easy to make and make giving gift cards a fun way of wrapping.

Come back tomorrow for Day 11.


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