Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Base & Bling at Its Finest

Our Base & Bling line has expanded! More sophisticated than ever, the line now features your choice of faux antiqued gold or silver chains and pendants with four distinct styles of customizable elements. Whether you veer toward vintage, nurture your inner nerd, dare to daydream, or crave crafting, you and your customers are sure to find the perfect bling for your unique personalities.

 As you saw in the video, the additions to our Base & Bling collection are trendy, inexpensive, versatile, and so easy to make. We call the Base & Bling products “wearable crafts” because of their unique intersection of jewelry and crafting. They satisfy your  desire for creativity and provide instant gratification by allowing you to have something  to wear right away. The simplicity of these projects gives them broad appeal–even first-time crafters can create high quality products in just minutes. They’re the perfect project for friends at slumber parties, at baby showers, or to give as gifts. 
We recommend using Liquid Glass to attach photos to bases. Keep in mind, however, that Liquid Glass can affect the color of materials it comes in contact with. We encourage you to experiment on samples before applying it to your final project. 


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