Thursday, April 18, 2013


Sharon's Creative Studio

I have been asked many times to post
 what my studio looks like
 and how I organize my supplies, so here it is.
I am a stand up scrapper, so this is my work area. 
 In the backround you can see
 the cabinets my great and talented husband made for me.
  They run along both sides of our room.
These cabinets that you are looking at here
 keep our family games, office supplies,
 painting supplies (I also like to paint), 
and the center two cupboards house all my gift wrap supplies
 and two pull out drawers of ribbons.

We have a large C-Shaped desk at the back of the room.
  My husband has the back half of the area,
 and mine starts at the computer and is the front area. 
 This is the area for my bookkeeping and office items.
  He cleaned his area up this last week,
 so I figured I better get a picture quick!
I can sit 10-12 at my workshops.
I have an area for display on the top of my cabinets
 for layouts, cards and misc. items.

As you move down the wall, you can see more storage.

Behind the doors on the left
 is room for class workshop supplies.
  I like to have everything on hand, 
then I replace it when they are purchased.
The center area has pull out drawers for my chipboard pieces, ribbons, punches,stamp sets, card packets, and misc.

Behind the last set of double doors
 are my solid sheets of cardstock,
 and misc. papers from other vendors.
On the right is misc. cardstock (full packs),
 albums, and misc. supplies.
The black boxes hold my pictures ready for scrapping.
  The clear boxes hold current paper packs,
 along with coordinating items.
  This makes it so handy to just pull the one out
 and have most everything in the box ready to go. 
 These are exchanged out every time we get a new catalog.
At the far end are my Work in Progress albums,
 with several being worked on at a time. 
 I have seven full of layouts, some with pictures and some without.  My cuttlebug and cricut supplies also live here.

I love my paper holders. 
 This is where I store new items,
 along with old favorites I haven't used up yet and are partly cut out or put together
 for layouts before they go into my Work in Progress albums.

Here are some of my finished albums
 and a close up of the misc. stuff.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of my studio. 
 This is really where I live.
What isn't shown is the large L-shaped sofa
 and TV at this end of the room.
This is where my hubby and I hang out. 
 Time flies when I'm playing and getting ready for classes.
  If you would like any more information, just let me know.

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Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Creating!

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  1. I have to say your 'hang out' would be pretty much a dream come true for most of us. I love how bright and open it is. No crowding when there is a group. Your husband did a great job on your cupboards and you have a nice neat way of filling them. Organization is key and even though I am not always successful at it, I try. I would LOVE to have a room this big to play in. Congratulations!