Thursday, September 24, 2015

Card Technique- Layering of Colors

This technique was shared at our Unit Meeting as I have had many requests on how to duplicate the card to your right.  Every card will turn out slightly different depending on the placement of the colors.
Stamp of the Month - Paper Gardens.

  • Stamp entire stamp on paper using Flaxen Ink
  • Layer inks on the acrylic stamp in this order using a dauber in each color:
  • Stamp tips of flowers with Pixie Ink using dauber
  • Stamp center of flowers with Cotton Candy using dauber
  • Stamp base of flower with Eggplant Ink with dauber
  • Stamp edges of stems and leaves with Sweet Leaf
  • Huff on stamp to remoisten inks on acrylic stamp
  • Stamp on paper
  • Clean stamp entirely before going on to stamp another image to prevent transferring of inks to your lighter ink pads.


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