Friday, December 27, 2013


New Consultant Changes are Coming…

Close to my Heart has come up with some exciting new changes  for New Consultants who sign up after January 1st.  Some of you have been waiting to sign up  until after the new year so that you can get the New Consultant Kit.  I want to share the upcoming changes with you now so you have the option whether you'd like to sign up now or after January 1st.  I would love to have you on my "Creative Design's Team".

First, CTMH will no longer be offering two kit options. Currently there is a $49 kit and a $99 kit.  The new kit will be offered at $99 and includes over $300 worth of products and business supplies.  Check out the picture below.

The second change is with the Straight to the Top (STTT) Program. With this  new program, you can earn back the $99 you spend on your kit! With this new program, if you have $1,200 in sales, including what you purchase yourself, within the first 90 days, you will receive your $99 back This means you get your kit FREE!  Also, as a special incentive from me, if you reach your STTT goal with the new program, I also give you a special gift of additional products absolutely FREE!

You can still choose the current Straight to the Top program that allows you to earn $25 in Select Product Credit when you reach $300 in orders in your first 30 days and an additional $75 in SPC when you reach a total of $1,200 in your first 90 days. So what’s difference? Instead of earning product credit that can be used to get select items, the new program allows you to earn $99 cash back that can be used for whatever you like.

You need to sign up before the end of the year if you want the current option as it goes away January 1, 2014.

$49 Kit (valued at $155) available through 12/31/13

 $99 Kit available through 12/31/13
includes everything in the $49 kit plus these extras...

$99 New Consultant Kit (valued at $309) available January 1, 2014

Look at all the NEW product being introduced February 1st with the reveal of the
  Close to My Heart Spring/ Summer Idea Book.

  To sign, just click on the kit to your right and it will take you to my website, click on What We Do, then click on Be A Consultant and follow the instructions.
Please contact me at 360-830-3630 if you have any questions.


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